Working from home? Tips for a Top Office Life

If you’ve been relying on working from home to get your business through the current situation, there are a few valuable lessons that can be learned, all of them prime to take back to the office when the time comes. Even if you continue to split working across home and office for the ultimate in-flexibility, the fact remains that the disciplines applied to facilitate home working productivity can be recycled when it comes to office life. Let’s take a look at some of the best.


Encouraging staff to set themselves a schedule for home working is good practice, but equally it translates into great advice for office working. Working from home can blur the lines between personal and work life, which is why it’s vital to set strict working hours, including break times.

When it comes to the office, the same applies. A clear kick-off time will get the day off to a productive start, rather than spending the first half-hour or so amidst catch-ups, distractions and procrastination. If staff aim for the first break, that will keep them going efficiently through the morning. The same goes for the end of the day; encourage workers to wind up at their set knock-off time so that they can maximise their home life and get that work-life balance just right.


The daily allowable exercise rule has encouraged many staff working from home to get out and into the fresh air once a day, especially beneficial for supporting positive mental health. Once back in an office environment, there is no reason why this should be any different.

Choosing office space that’s close to green spaces or anywhere an inspiring walk can be taken will help make this possible. Encourage staff to use their break times to escape from the office and spend valuable time outside, enjoying green surroundings and the wonders of nature. Even in congested cities, this is still possible. In Croydon, for example, there are various parks and open spaces, such as South Norwood Country Park, Park Hill Recreation Ground and Queen’s Gardens.


When working from home, setting a task list for each day does help add structure. It’s a great discipline to adopt for office working too, helping staff stay focused and providing a measurable indication of performance.

Encourage workers to organise their to-do list in order of priority, setting deadlines for specific tasks. Looking back over achievements for the day or week helps to feel a sense of accomplishment, and it gives you as the employer a benchmark for evaluation too.


One of the wisest pieces of advice for home workers is to maintain a sense of community. Belonging to a group helps fight typical feelings of isolation, so damaging to mental health. This feeling can be done by arranging regular Zoom coffee breaks or WhatsApp group chats.

Whilst it may not be so apparent in an office environment, isolation can arise, especially for those who work in individual offices. Encouraging staff to interact with colleagues when it is safe to do so is good practice. Providing breakout areas and communal zones to make this possible is helpful, so be sure to factor this in when choosing office space.


Working towards a reward, however small, can indeed aid with focus and drive when operating from home. Even if it’s a cup of tea and a biscuit or a walk around the garden, it helps to segment tasks and make arduous tasks that bit more bearable.

Rewards work just as well in the office. Flexibility allows workers to take a respite and revitalise once they’ve finished a task, rather than waiting for an official break time. Providing somewhere to relax does help, whether it’s a rooftop garden, a courtyard or a breakout area, or somewhere nearby like a retail hub or cafeteria, so see if you can factor in something like this when sourcing office space.


For those seeking office space, Croydon makes an excellent choice location-wise, with so much to see and do right on the doorstep.

Property wise there is lots on offer, including Corinthian House, a landmark building in the heart of Croydon, providing outstanding office space on a flexible or conventional lease basis. Communal areas, including kitchens and meeting rooms, are places for staff to get together when safe to do so, whilst breakout areas offer a refuge for those between-task times.

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