Why Serviced Office Space in Croydon is a Magnet for Top Talent

For the modern business, the serviced office, along with all its flexibility and home comforts, has not just grown in popularity but has become something of a requirement for job-seeking talent. Here’s a look at what it is about the serviced office that is so appealing for today’s workforce and how serviced office space in Croydon could make the ideal choice for your organisation.

When job seekers visit a new workplace, they start to imagine how their working life might be. If they see a happy workforce, where their prospective colleagues are collaborating in vibrant spaces; where there are comfortable breakout spaces for quiet thinking time, private booths for calls and concentration, slick conference zones for meetings and communal dining spaces for lunchtime conversation, then this is going to positively influence their decision as to whether to accept a job offer.

All of these features are part and parcel of the serviced office. But there is a lot more to this type of office space.

Why is serviced office space so appealing?

Employers are increasingly opting for serviced office space. In Croydon for example, there are many offices of this type that are attractive for various reasons, two of those being convenience and flexibility.

These days, with uncertainty still on business owners’ minds, the fact that you can take advantage of a short form or flexible lease as opposed to a long, fixed-term lease is very appealing. These types of leases also allow you to settle into a new workspace within days rather than weeks or months.

There are also cost savings to enjoy with the serviced office. For one, this is a workspace that comes ready-furnished, with services packaged in, including a staffed reception, internet, mail handling, and cleaning and maintenance. With just one set fee to pay every month that includes the rent, it makes things a lot more straightforward for the business owner.

You will usually find serviced office space within a building, being rented either as single units or complete floors. There is usually scope to expand where required or, by the same token, scale back should needs change.

Within the building, you will usually find attractive features that the building owner has included in order to make the rental offer more appealing. Such features could include food preparation and dining areas, onsite gyms, bicycle storage, showers, changing rooms and lockers and an onsite café.

There will also be meeting rooms, networking spaces and a range of other types of workspace, all in the name of supporting the activity-based working that today’s workforce has become accustomed to. A flexible workspace like this will show that, as an employer, you value your staff. That you appreciate their need for freedom to move around, to feel comfortable and to enjoy a range of amenities.

So there are all the plus points for serviced office space. But what makes Croydon such a popular choice?

Why choose serviced office space in Croydon, and where to start your search?

Croydon has for some time proved a popular location for businesses looking to settle in the southeast of the country and close to London.

With a sealed reputation as one of London’s fastest-growing economies, Croydon has profited from considerable infrastructure investment. What’s more, having been awarded the title of London Borough of Culture 2023, this town and borough have been confirmed as one of the most significant commercial zones of Greater London. With a vast array of retail and hospitality opportunities and a massive arts, leisure and entertainment scene, it is no wonder Croydon has become a dream location to live and work.

Croydon is one of the three most affordable places to buy a property in London in terms of housing. It is also very well-served transport wise, making it a commuter’s dream. So, if you are seeking to take advantage of the many benefits of serviced office space, Croydon could well be the location you are looking for.

Looking for serviced offices? Croydon offers all you need at Corinthian House.

Seeking modern, feature-packed serviced office space? Croydon makes an astute choice, if not just for its iconic building, Corinthian House. This landmark block, conveniently situated in the heart of the town directly opposite East Croydon Station and BOXPARK Croydon, offers a selection of comprehensively refurbished offices, with both flexible and traditional lease options to choose from.

Features include a welcoming, remodelled reception; onsite parking; excellent natural light; fresh air ventilation and opening windows; high-quality kitchenettes; locker rooms and showers.

Interested to discover more about renting serviced office space in Croydon? Why not speak to our helpful team today to discover how serviced office space at Corinthian House could benefit your business and help you attract and retain the best talent? We look forward to giving you a guided tour.