Top 5 Reasons Why Office Space in Croydon is in Great Demand

Office space in Croydon is in high demand. With so much going for the London borough, considered one of the largest commercial districts outside central London, it really is no wonder. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why so many businesses are looking to locate in Croydon.

1. Excellent transport links

Good transport links are important for businesses in so many ways. For the workforce and when it comes to attracting new talent, it is vital to be able to offer a straightforward commute. It is also essential that clients are able to visit without any trouble, and that staff can reach clients and contacts with ease.

Croydon is one of London’s most well-connected metropolitan centres. It is served by four rail stations: East Croydon, the busiest London station outside Zone 1; West Croydon and South Croydon. All these stations are in Zone 5. In addition, Norwood Junction station, a National Rail station in Zone 4, also serves the area.

Located on the A23 corridor, Croydon links London with the south coast. It is less than 10 miles away from the M25, and just 15 minutes from central London and Gatwick Airport. All this makes Croydon perfectly situated for regional, national and international access.

East Croydon Station is set to grow in size, with funding from the Government allowing Network Rail to increase the platforms from six to eight. A new concourse is planned which will connect the platforms directly to the town centre. Norwood Junction Station is also being remodelled so that a greater number of larger trains can run through and stop there with the ability to open all doors. The signalling system is also in line for an upgrade.

There are also many road network transformational schemes either in the pipeline or underway, such as the Fiveways Scheme and the Croydon Area Remodelling Scheme.

These are just some of the many transport network improvements on the horizon for Croydon.

2. Considerable development investment

Significant investment is being made in the development of Croydon, with a number of notable projects recently completed or well on their way.

The newly refurbished Fairfield Halls has brought a revitalised programme of culture, events, entertainment and arts to the area, whilst College Green has created more than 400 new homes around a hub of vibrant public spaces, an art gallery, office space and a new college.

More housing, office and retail space will come about thanks to the Essex House development, and Taberner House will create another 500 homes, 40 per cent of them affordable. The multi-million-pound Carolyn House development completes the housing development schemes, where 183 apartments plus retail space will be created.

Housing is an important commercial consideration; a good place to live is usually considered a good place to work, and quality local residential property will often influence the decision for incoming talent.

3. Helps tip the work life balance scales the right way

Work-life balance is a vital consideration for employers choosing where to locate their premises. Selecting the right location will allow staff to optimise their quality of life both at work and at home. A good work-life balance is conducive to higher productivity levels and employee satisfaction.

Croydon offers much to help tip the work-life balance scales in the right direction. From proximity to educational establishments through to the aforementioned excellent transport links and housing, plus exceptional retail and dining opportunities, there is a great deal to help get that balance just right.

4. Positive economic growth

Croydon’s growth is 3.7 per cent higher than the London average. It is also more than double the overall UK average and responsible for outer London’s southern area having the highest rate of economic growth in the whole of the UK, at 7.4 per cent.

Croydon is reported to have the second fastest expanding local economy in the UK, with a 9.3 per cent growth rate.

5. Exceptional architecture

Croydon is home to some of the most outstanding buildings in London, boasting a number of iconic landmarks and intriguing historical and listed properties.

(©Peter Trimming)

The Park Hill Water Tower, overlooking Park Hill Park, is a cornerstone of Victorian architecture. Opened in the 1860s, it towers some 100 feet and is now Grade II listed by Historic England.


Surrey Street Pumping Station, another Grade II listed water tower, was built between 1851 and 1856. As part of the Old Town Masterplan, this building has been identified as key to the regeneration of Croydon’s Old Town.


Croydon Minster, visible from the Croydon Flyover, has a history dating back to medieval times courtesy of the monuments it houses from the original building.

(©Danny Robinson)

No. 1 Croydon, an iconic tower known by an array of names including the NLA Tower, the Wedding Cake, the 50 Pence Building and the Threepenny Bit, is a 24-storey block situated opposite East Croydon Station. Famous for being featured in the opening credits of 1980s sitcom favourite Terry and June, the block, dedicated to office space, has towered some 270 feet over Croydon since its completion in 1970.

(©Robin Webster)

Saffron Square is a town square and high rise tower that simply cannot be missed from pretty much anywhere in Croydon, rising some 44 storeys and almost 445 feet in height. The purple and red glimmering glass forms the façade for what is currently the tallest building in the town, forming part of the Croydon Vision 2020 generation plan for the wider borough.

The Nestle Tower, also known as St George’s House, is another iconic tower block that rises some 259 feet. Like the No.1 building, this tower is a provider of office space in Croydon.

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