Office Space in Croydon: How to Adapt to the New Normal

To say we are in uncertain times is perhaps something of an understatement right now. It is nevertheless so very true. So, for the business looking to relocate, or those wishing to set up in a new office space in Croydon for the first time, the decisions involved can be very challenging.

On the one hand, it really could be a prime time to move to a new location, to expand into larger premises or even to downsize to a smaller workspace. But on the other hand, how is it possible to tell what the future will bring in terms of financial and commercial stability?

For this reason, businesses in this situation are favouring a more flexible approach to renting office space and thankfully, at least in Croydon, office space providers are adapting to meet this growing need.

Flexibility is the key term. So, from small to big, fully furnished to unfurnished workplaces, flexy leases and serviced office space, business centres can offer different solutions to meet the various new needs.

Let’s take a look at precisely how offering lease options for office space in Croydon is a great deal more attractive, and more appealing, to the risk-averse business.


A flexible lease requires a reduced level of commitment in comparison to a conventional contract. For this reason, this type of arrangement is generally more appealing to the new or less established business, or the company that is approaching the step of taking up office space with trepidation due to the current economic climate.

Flexible leases are usually issued over a shorter timespan than conventional ones, often 12 months. However, they can be longer if required, with a fixed fee per calendar month covering rent, rates and service charges all-in, making it more straightforward to know precisely where you stand each month.

Some flexible leases will also include the provision of furniture, making it a great deal more accessible both financially and practically for the new business to get started. Not having to worry about a large capital outlay to furnish the new workspace has to be a great advantage.

Short-form leases

Short-form leases make the occupation a lot more accessible, and a great deal faster too. These are usually associated with flexible leases.

Short-form leases are pretty much what their title suggests, a short lease agreement of just four or five pages rather than the typical 50 pages that make up a conventional lease. They will usually be purposely written in plain English and often set out like a form for the tenant to complete. This way, they are easier to understand and require less legal intervention when it comes to translating the wording.

A short-form lease usually sets out the details of the property, the term of the contract, the rental amount payable together with any contributions towards the landlord’s costs, and how these should be paid. Also covered amongst other things are the tenant’s rights and obligations, the landlord’s rights and obligations and other matters such as rent review details, what happens in the event of a breach of obligations, the consequences of damage or destruction and how the lease may be terminated.

Short-form leases are designed to allow tenants to move into their new office space within around 24 hours. They also keep the associated legal costs to a minimum as there is a great deal less for the advising commercial property lawyers to cast their eyes over.

In short, they make the whole transaction so much easier, a welcome advantage during the uncertain times that may potentially lie ahead for some time.

For Office Space in Croydon, Take a Look at Corinthian House

Croydon is a fantastic place to set up in business and rent office space. As one of London’s fastest-growing economies, Croydon is also considered a mecca for start-ups, and thanks to the considerable investment in the local transport network and the London Borough of Culture 2023 award, this is a town that does have a lot going for it.

When it comes to office space in Croydon, Corinthian House makes an exceptional choice. An iconic building sitting right in the centre of the town and directly opposite East Croydon Station, it offers remarkably well refurbished, air-conditioned workspaces on a flexible lease basis. Short-form leases are also available.

Meeting room facilities, a communal kitchen and furnished options all form part of the agreement. Generous car parking is also offered together with locker rooms and showers, perfect for those commuters who are looking to avoid public transport for the foreseeable future.

Want to learn more about renting office space in Croydon at Corinthian House? Our friendly team invites you to get in touch.