Office Space Croydon: A Quality Concept to Drive the Return to the Workplace

As the shift from working from home to being in the office becomes a reality for many, making the transition a seamless and safe experience for all involved is essential.

A company strives to make their office space a productive and engaging environment to be in. However, with the pandemic challenging these goals, there is a need for a robust strategy to bring workplaces to higher standards.

This is where the concept of a healthy building comes in.

In the current situation, businesses have to work harder than ever to prepare their workplaces so that the return is not just achievable, but they make employees and staff’s wellbeing a priority.

However, creating a healthy building for occupiers and staff alike is not just about de-risking COVID-19.

What healthy environments bring to the table is a lot more than setting up social distancing measures in shared spaces or keeping desks sanitised.

Let’s look at what the ‘healthy buildings’ buzzword means now - and in the future - for office space, Croydon and beyond.

The benefits of healthy buildings go beyond COVID-19

As a result of the pandemic, the past months have made it more important than ever to keep our environment clean and sanitised, including setting up an efficient working routine when using a shared space.

However, providing a healthy office spaces is not just about creating one-way paths, installing perspex separators or upping the cleaning routine. Those are only temporary solutions to control the spread of the virus.

The concept of healthy buildings comes from a much more critical background: the wellbeing of people in indoor environments.

The health and wellbeing of those who occupy a space is directly depended on many factors including lighting, air quality, and temperatures. Controlling and improving all these elements means significantly increase the productivity and welfare of people in a building.

What makes buildings unhealthy

Most of our time is spent indoors and, of this time, a good portion is in the office space.

Therefore, it stands to reason to think that for us to be healthy and productive, the workplace needs to provide an environment that is safe on many aspects.

But what does make an office unhealthy exactly?

Buildings are complex environments that comprise of several key factors which can negatively affect our welfare. Predominantly, these are micro-particles and gases released by the materials the building is made of, as well as released by appliances and furniture, the mould and bacteria caused by the humidity in the environment, outdoor pollutants not filtered through correctly, viruses, and more.

If the building has a poor ventilation and filtering system, doesn’t control the relative humidity, and has poor lighting, it’s probable the result to be a decline in wellbeing called sick building syndrome (NHS).

It’s the building management systems (BMS) task to manage these sub-systems. When they underperform, the effect on people is that they could start feeling over-tired or sleepy, or even fall ill in some cases.

The technology behind healthy buildings

In office buildings, it’s the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) which is responsible for the provision of the correct indoor air quality, as well as right temperature and humidity levels.

The lighting system, on the other hand, helps provide the correct mix of natural and artificial lights to reproduce what is known as Circadian rhythm.

Corinthian House is an excellent example of this with its natural light from all elevation, offering plenty throughout the day. Brand-new LED lighting, instead, provides high comfort when artificial light is needed.

When the HVAC and lighting system work cooperatively, they offer occupiers the right conditions throughout the day to feel well and productive at all times.

If looking for office space, Croydon Corinthian House are your healthy building choice

A development of high-quality recently refurbished offices, Corinthian House is a notable building situated in the heart of Croydon.

The building features a range of superior amenities and contemporary features such as metal tiled suspended ceilings, communal meeting rooms for collaborative working and on-site parking. Directly opposite Boxpark - an innovative street food and live music venue -, Corinthian House is perfectly positioned to offer great choice of retail, food and leisure amenities as well as a vibrant town centre very close by.

For office space, Croydon and Corinthian House may well be the perfect match for your business. Get in touch with one of our agents to book a viewing today.