How an Office Near Gatwick Fits the Growing Trend for Decentralisation

Change is, quite possibly, THE word to describe 2020, especially in terms of working life and the way businesses are approaching how they set up their office structure. Here we take a look at the fast-growing trend for office decentralisation and specifically why an office near Gatwick, the second biggest airport in the UK, fits the bill. We'll also explore how, when looking for an office to let, Croydon could tick many future-proof boxes.

The move away from centralised headquarters had already been gaining traction as a trend, but the effects of the pandemic have intensified the adoption rate of this model. With workers getting used to the advantages of working from home during the periods of lockdown, and employers in turn realising that remote working did work, it was inevitable that some form of flexibility would stick.

But there remains a need for in-person collaboration, for that feeling of camaraderie, the motivational support network that comes only when people work together rather than virtually.

It is for this reason that businesses are keeping their physical offices. But these offices are now moving out of town, allowing the opportunity for staff to work nearer home, cutting the commute and giving back some of that work-life balance that became so important during the more challenging days of the pandemic's restrictions.

Why are offices moving out of town?

Aside from staff privileges, the out of town office presents numerous benefits for the employer, not least lower rental costs. Choosing the right location is, of course, vital. The ideal decentralised office will be in an accessible area, with excellent transport links. It will be a location that makes an attractive place to live, with family-friendly features such as great schools; a rich entertainment, leisure and retail offering and good quality housing.

The office space itself will also be subject to important considerations. People got used to the comforts of home whilst working remotely during the lockdowns, so offering features that support this will only go towards boosting productivity and aiding staff retention.

Things like kitchens, homely breakout zones, onsite cafés and gyms make all the difference, and bicycle hire, bike storage, showers and lockers make it easier for workers to choose the healthier and greener commute.

Spending time outdoors was also a major bonus for those who got used to working from home, which is precisely why offices surrounded by plenty of green space and outdoor sports and leisure facilities have become so popular.

So, the criteria for the decentralised office are set. But where to rent office space that is close to London, perfectly located both for a domestic and international audience, and that offers just the right work-life balance for staff? Step in Croydon.

If you are seeking an office to let, Croydon is a strong contender. Billed as one of the Capital's fastest-growing economies, its proximity both to London and to Gatwick Airport are both major selling points.

Why an office near Gatwick could prove the ideal choice for the working model of the future

A quarter of the UK population, including all of London, live just one hour away from Gatwick Airport. Travellers and workers can access an incredibly notable 800 rail stations from Gatwick, 129 of them directly. A planned station upgrade will further increase connections into London, with trains set to run every three minutes, all on the Oyster and Contactless network for the ultimate convenience.

Commercially, Gatwick is a strategic business location. Organisations situated in the Gatwick Diamond zone that extends from London in the north to Brighton in the south, and from Horsham in the west to East Grinstead in the east, are 1.5 times more likely to export then the national average, and productivity in the local area is 11 per cent higher than the national average.

Looking for an out of town location near Gatwick? Here's why for an office to let, Croydon could prove a lucrative move

If the thought of locating your business close to Gatwick is appealing to you, an office to let in Croydon could be the answer. With just 15 miles between the two, and the journey by rail journey taking less than half an hour with over 300 trains per weekday, accessibility is excellent. What's more, the non-stop Gatwick Express runs into London Victoria every 15 minutes, taking only 30 minutes.

One of the most extensive commercial districts in Greater London, Croydon has been named London Borough of Culture 2023 thanks to its significant hospitality and retail economy, mostly built around the well-known Boxpark venue. Green spaces abound too.

In terms of choosing the right office to let, Croydon offers numerous options. From increasingly popular co-working spaces, to serviced offices and traditional leases, this area can cater to every type and size of business, as well as any budgets.

Secure your perfect office to let in Croydon at Corinthian House

Corinthian House is a landmark building nestled in the heart of Croydon. Flexible and traditional lease options are on offer, and the building presents a variety of features that meet the demands of today's decentralised office. These include showers, locker rooms, a communal kitchen, meeting rooms and high-speed internet.

Ready to find your ideal office to let? Croydon, with its close proximity to Gatwick Airport, could be just the right place. Why not contact our dedicated team today to discover more about office space opportunities at Corinthian House?