How New Ways of Working are Benefiting Croydon Businesses

The commercial tenant of today is one that expects shorter lease durations, greater flexibility and a workspace that encourages staff well-being and retention. In response to these demands, commercial property developers have been actively realigning their refurbishment strategies with a view to targeting the co-working, serviced and virtual office revolution.

These new ways of working are having a significant impact on how businesses choose their office space. And, when it comes to co-working spaces, serviced and virtual offices Croydon has a great deal to offer. But what are the advantages and disadvantages to each of these modern types of working, and which would best suit your Croydon business? Let’s explore all three in greater detail.

Co-working, serviced and virtual offices: the differences explained

Co-working involves workers from different businesses sharing a single office space. The benefits include cost savings and convenience thanks to the sharing of things like utilities, reception services and equipment.

Most co-working spaces offer round the clock access, providing total flexibility to work any time. There is often also the option to choose from a range of locations where the co-working provider runs multiple sites, as many of them do. In addition, there are usually conference facilities and meeting rooms that can be rented as required. Plus, with no deposit or minimum stay period, the whole concept becomes that much more attractive to the smaller or younger business, as well as to the home-based professional keen to take advantage of the social and motivational aspects of sharing a workspace.

Serviced offices offer a complete office solution that is ready to move into. These offices are furnished and fully equipped with everything required to run an office-based business.

The UK is one of the largest serviced office markets in the world. Located within a building, serviced offices can be rented as either single units, or entire floors, all on the flexible terms and with the transparent fees that today’s businesses demand. Leases are usually short term and the spaces are ideal for the business with a desire to remain agile.

Facilities include reception services; food preparation and dining areas; cleaning and maintenance services; meeting rooms and networking spaces as well as pay-as-you-go amenities.

Virtual offices are the ultimate alternative to physical office space. Not every business can afford to rent office space or pay for a co-working space. Others simply prefer to keep commuting and overheads to a minimum and enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

However, there are numerous benefits to having a professional business address as well as access to meeting space, a telephone answering service and other office facilities, all of which are met courtesy of the virtual office.

There is a great deal of demand for virtual offices. Services may include a postal address and mail forwarding; a business telephone number which forwards to your mobile devices, or a call answering service and access to meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities alongside other useful technology.

Virtual offices can provide a professional image for your business, whilst allowing you to maintain your flexibility and keep your overheads to a minimum. Many businesses manage teams of remote workers through a central virtual office, allowing staff to fit their work around other commitments which is often a major factor in staff retention and satisfaction.

Co-working, serviced or virtual office in Croydon, which to choose?

Of course, it is down to the specific set-up of your business and your own preferences as to which type of Croydon office space you opt for.

Some businesses thrive on having teams all together in one location. Some workers find the isolation of working from home a downside, with lack of social interaction and even lack of motivation affecting productivity. Virtual offices are therefore not the right choice for everyone, in which case the co-working or serviced office options may be more suitable.

Offices in Croydon at Corinthian House

Corinthian House is an exceptionally well-located development of high-quality refurbished offices in Lansdowne Road, Croydon, directly opposite the renowned Boxpark dining emporium.

Top class amenities and modern facilities are all on offer, making renting office space at Corinthian House a very attractive option. To learn more about taking up office space in this landmark building, we invite you to get in touch.