Big Transport Network Improvements on the Horizon – Good News for Offices in Croydon

It is no secret that Croydon in south London is on the up. With multiple regeneration schemes on the boil set to brighten the housing horizon and freshen the retail and dining scene, and with already strong transport links also subject to vast improvements, it is no wonder there is so much demand for offices in Croydon from businesses looking to set up or relocate to the area.

On the subject of transport links, this is one thing that really does make a location commercially attractive. Carefully planned road networks, safely-laid out crossings and accessible public transport are all vital when it comes to doing business and attracting and retaining talent.

Whilst not everything transport wise is currently perfect in Croydon, the news for the near future is good, because thanks to Government-funded plans, extensive improvements are on the horizon. Here’s what Croydon businesses have got to look forward to over the next few years.

The Fiveways Scheme

Fiveways Junction is well known for its confusing layout and congestion. Thanks to the Fiveways Scheme though, the A23/A232 junction and its surrounding network is set to see a marked improvement.

Illustration for the Fiveways Junction. Photo: TFL Gov

The transformational scheme includes the Purley Way interchange, Fiveways Corner junction and Waddon Station Bridge. It is a crucial factor in the economic growth of the borough and forms part of Transport for London’s £4 billion Road Modernisation Plan, the largest investment in London’s roads in a generation.

The Fiveways Scheme will involve a number of improvements to the local road network, including:

  • Replacing the A23 Purley Way bridge over Waddon Station with a wider alternative, and realigning it to the west with the aim of easing traffic congestion.
  • Installing new semi-segregated cycle lanes running more than 300 metres along the A232 Epsom Road and Purley Way. Stopping areas for bicycles will be created at each junction.
  • Simplifying Fiveways Corner by realigning Denning Avenue. This will reduce the junction arms from five to four.
  • Introducing signalised pedestrian and cycle crossings and cycle advanced stop lines along all arms of Fiveways Corner.
  • Creating a new public space and installing new cycle parking at Fiveways Corner.
  • Improving pedestrian access to Waddon Station with the widening of footways and enhancement of crossing facilities.
  • Introducing stepped cycle lanes in both directions of the Epsom Road, removing all the parking bays, converting the road to two-way traffic from the A23 junction to Duppas Hill Road and allowing a left turn from the A23 into Epsom Road.
  • Introducing a new northbound bus lane on the A232 Stafford Road between Fiveways Corner and the Epsom Road junction.
  • Creating inset parking bays on Stafford Road to improve safety for cyclists.
  • Banning the left turn onto Epsom Road from Stafford Road.

Overall, the improvements are designed to make the Waddon area safer, more accessible and a better place to be. The existing road layout was not designed for modern day traffic volumes and because even more growth is expected in Croydon in the near future, these changes have become crucial.

With enhanced cycling facilities providing routes in and out of the centre of Croydon and upgraded pedestrian, cyclist and bus-user access to Waddon Station and public transport in general, Croydon is going to quickly become much more attractive for commuters. And with increased traffic capacity along the A23 and A232 leading to reduced congestion, journey times will be cut and road users will be a great deal happier.

Construction under the scheme should get underway in 2021.

The Croydon Area Remodelling Scheme

The Croydon Area Remodelling Scheme (CARS) is the largest and most complex facet of the Network Rail Brighton Main Line upgrade.

© 2019 Network Rail

CARS intends to remove the infamous bottleneck on the railway network formed at the junctions north of East Croydon and through East Croydon station that is renowned for causing knock-on delays across the Brighton Main Line network. This will help to meet future passenger growth and reduce overcrowding.

The Government-funded scheme will involve:

  • Rebuilding East Croydon station to incorporate two additional platforms and a new concourse providing better access to the platforms and out into the town centre.
  • Remodelling the junctions at the Selhurst triangle by removing the existing junctions and building new flyovers and dive-unders.
  • Expanding the railway north of East Croydon station by rebuilding Windmill Bridge.

The plans also include the building of new homes above and around East Croydon station, plus a number of new railway flyovers which will aim to eliminate the bottleneck at Windmill Junction.

Offices in Croydon at Corinthian House

With so much improvement and regeneration on the horizon for Croydon’s transport system, now is the ideal time to be looking for offices in Croydon. Securing your office space now will ensure you are settled before the area’s regeneration makes it even more desirable, so pushing up property values.

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