8 Great Reasons to Cycle into the Office

Sitting in traffic or cramming onto a packed train every morning and evening isn’t everyone’s idea of a pleasant commute. Plus it’s not great for your health either. Of course, we all know the benefits of taking regular exercise, both for our mental and physical health. But how to find the time to work out when we’re in the office 9 to 5? The simple solution of course is to cycle to work. Here’s why so many people are switching to a healthier, two-wheeled commute.

As well as boosting physical fitness, regular cycling provides a host of long-term well-being benefits. A study published in the British Medical Journal revealed that travelling to work by bicycle can deliver considerable health improvements. Let’s take a closer look at the main ways in which regular bike riding can enhance health.

Cycling to work improves physical fitness

Riding a bicycle helps to boost aerobic fitness and improve strength and stamina. When you cycle, you use most of your major muscle groups, plus it’s simple to vary the intensity of exercise on a bicycle, so you can start easy and build up to whatever challenge suits you.

Riding a bicycle to work can enhance lung health

Whilst you may not automatically think it, cyclists are actually exposed to fewer hazardous fumes than those travelling the same route by car. This is because motorists are exposed to five times higher pollution levels than cyclists due to their vehicle air intake being directly in line with the exhausts of the cars in front. When you cycle, you also have the option of taking the scenic route which can further reduce your exposure to polluted air.

Biking it to work can help lower the risk of developing serious illnesses

A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2017 that tracked 250,000 UK commuters over five years found that cyclists had 45 per cent less chance of developing cancer, and 46 per cent less chance of dying than other commuters. The NHS also states that regular cycling can reduce the risk of illnesses such as diabetes.

Cycling in to work boosts immunity

Taking regular exercise is known to boost immunity and keep the respiratory system in good check. Research shows that cyclists miss less than half the number of work days due to sickness compared to those who commute in other ways.

A ride into work by bicycle can boost mental well-being

Those who are physically active tend to feel more relaxed and better about themselves and able to cope with everyday challenges. Any type of physical exercise such as riding a bicycle has the potential to boost the mood by providing a sense of achievement. Riding to work will also mean you’ll arrive more alert and awake, so you’ll be ready to face the day.

Cycling is low impact

If you’re looking for a gentle way to exercise without putting too much pressure on your joints, cycling is for you. With your body supported by the bicycle, you will experience less tissue breakdown and inflammation compared to alternative workouts such as running. This means you won’t be anywhere near as sore. As well as providing a cardiovascular workout, cycling also increases muscle mass in your lower body, making you less prone to injury.

Commuting by bike can help with weight control

Because cycling increases metabolic rate, builds muscle and burns fat, it’s a great way to control weight. Even going at a steady pace can burn around 500 calories per hour. Cycling twice a day to work and back, even if it’s only a few minutes each way, will soon add up in burned-off calories over the course of a week. UK research has revealed that a half hour bike ride every day can burn off almost 5Kg of fat over the course of a year.

A bike ride can boost brain power

Exercise has long been linked to brain health, and there is even evidence that cycling is good for the brain. The flow of blood around the brain was found to increase by almost 28 per cent overall compared to a resting state, with blood flow rising by over 70 per cent in some parts. Better blood flow means greater brain function, which is perfect for the working day ahead.

Why offices Gatwick wide are ideal for the bicycle commuter

If you are looking to encourage cycling in to the office amongst your workforce, it’s important to think carefully about location when choosing your workspace, as well as the facilities provided by the office building you are buying or renting.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that your office is located somewhere that can be reached without having to access a motorway or other busy road. Secondly, it is beneficial to situate your office close to a popular residential zone, so that you will have access to a local talent pool that can easily cycle to work.

Gatwick is considered a very appealing place to live. With the attractive villages of Horley and Copthorne, and the town of Crawley in close proximity, Gatwick has been a popular residential zone for countless years. With the vibrant nightlife of Crawley, as well as its many leisure and shopping facilities and intriguing history dating back to the Bronze Age, there is a lot to like about this town which is just 30 minutes from Gatwick.

Also just half an hour from Gatwick, the bustling market town of Horsham has much to offer, including a museum, a theatre and a nature reserve. Amidst its maze of pedestrianised streets and landscaped piazzas you’ll find an array of specialist retailers selling unusual gifts, collectors’ items and fashions and furnishings. With over 90 bars, pubs and restaurants, cafés and coffee shops, there is much to appeal to the Horsham resident.

Generally, close to Gatwick, you also will find an array of gardens, castles and stately homes, as well as outdoor leisure activities and charming English country villages. Perfect for the cycling enthusiast!

Weighing up your options for offices near Gatwick? Have a think about Croydon.

If offices near Gatwick sound appealing as an option to help promote cycling to work, you may wish to consider Croydon as a location.

Only 15 miles from Gatwick Airport, Croydon is one of London’s fastest growing economies. Home to an abundance of of digital, tech and creative companies, the town has been noted as one of the most popular places for office space throughout the UK.

With its soon to be celebrated accolade of London Borough of Culture 2023, and considerable investment in its transport infrastructure, Croydon has to be considered one of the most important commercial zones in Greater London. There is an all-encompassing retail and hospitality scene too, much of which has built up around the well-renowned Boxpark venue.

In terms of offices Gatwick wide, Croydon offers vast choice across a range of budgets and individual needs.

Corinthian House in Croydon, the ultimate choice for offices near Gatwick

Corinthian house is an iconic building located in the centre of Croydon. It offers an array of modern features, including a communal kitchen, meeting rooms and high speed internet, together with showers and locker rooms, perfect for the cycling commuter!

Both flexible and traditional lease options are available at Corinthian House. To learn more, you are welcome to talk to our dedicated team.