3 Whys Offices Near Gatwick Are The Best Bet Post-lockdown for Business and Leisure

The serviced office is becoming ever more popular as a choice for the modern business, especially in the wake of the pandemic where flexibility is crucial amidst a fast-changing working landscape.

Gatwick is a prime location for an organisation seeking a serviced office in an area that delivers both commercial and leisure points. Let's take a more in-depth look at why this is the case, and explore how serviced offices near Gatwick could make the perfect choice for your business.

Why serviced offices, and why Gatwick?

Flexibility and convenience are two core reasons why serviced offices have become so attractive to business owners. Rather than tying you into a long, fixed-term lease, serviced offices usually offer flexible or short-form leases, which can see you settled into your new office space within days or even hours, rather than weeks or months.

The serviced office also offers cost savings, thanks to being already furnished. Conveniences such as mail handling, a staffed reception, internet and cleaning are also features of the serviced office that make life so much easier.

So there we have the case for the serviced office. But why Gatwick? Whilst you may associate the location with its airport, there is a great deal more to be impressed by, not just from a commercial point of view. With this in mind, let's explore three great reasons why serviced offices near Gatwick could prove the right choice for your organisation.

1. Amazing transport links

Gatwick Airport connects to an astounding 800 rail stations, with 129 of those connections direct. It also has its dedicated junction on the M23 motorway.

For many businesses, it is essential to be located close to London, with travel into the capital pleasant and straightforward. Gatwick certainly ticks the box in this respect.

Once Gatwick Airport's train station is upgraded, its concourse will double in size and offer much-improved accessibility. Trains will run into central London as frequently as every three minutes. Being on the Oyster and Contactless payment network, passengers can enjoy smooth connections throughout London.

2. Thriving economy

Nestled in the heart of the Gatwick Diamond, Gatwick offers a thriving business community. It is well-placed to support growth in some of the UK's existing and emergent growth sectors and strengthen links to global business markets. It's also a dynamic business zone, reaching from Brighton in the south to London and Croydon in the north and from Horsham and Dorking in the west to East Grinstead and Haywards Heath in the east.

In respect of regional economic contribution, businesses in the Gatwick Diamond zone are one and a half times more likely to export than the national average. What's more, productivity in the local area is 11 per cent above the national average.

The zone in its entirety is home to 45,000 businesses across a variety of sectors. It has become a significant economic driver within the southeast of England. So, if you are looking for a commercially sound place to settle your business, it is worth thinking about Gatwick and its surrounding Diamond zone.

3. An excellent place to enjoy life and settle down

Never has home been so important, and neither has proximity to work. A great place to live translates as a great place to work and Gatwick delivers on both counts.

Surprisingly to many, Gatwick is so much more than just an airport. With the villages of Horley and Copthorne and the town of Crawley nearby, it makes a very vibrant and appealing place to live. Crawley boasts excellent nightlife, leisure and shopping opportunities and has an endearing history dating back to the Bronze Age.

Near Gatwick, you will find an array of gardens, castles and stately homes, outdoor adventure trails and charming English towns and villages.

Housing wise, there is a host of options, from flats and new build terraces to detached character homes and a whole host of nearby locations to choose from. From town to countryside, there is something to suit every taste and budget near Gatwick.

Sold on a serviced office near Gatwick? Here's why Croydon could be the place you're looking for

If serviced offices near Gatwick sound like an appealing option, the next step is to choose your nearby location. Let's take a look at how Croydon could work for you.

Just 15 miles from Gatwick Airport, Croydon is one of London's fastest-growing economies. Home to literally thousands of digital, tech and creative businesses, it has been recognised as one of the most sought after places for office space UK wide. There has been a tremendous amount of investment in the local transport network too.

With its soon to be celebrated accolade of London Borough of Culture 2023, Croydon is one of the most significant commercial districts in Greater London. There are an extensive retail and hospitality scene, which has built up around the popular Boxpark venue. Housing wise, Croydon is one of the three most affordable places to buy a property in London.

In terms of serviced offices near Gatwick, Croydon offers ample choice across various budgets and requirements.

Find your perfect serviced office near Gatwick at Corinthian House in Croydon

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